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Quality brake repair for all vehicle makes and models.

The Elite Total Car Care

At The Elite Total Car Care you will find trained brake experts and affordable brake service. We are a reliable brake repair shop in Brandon, FL that can maintain and repair brake systems on any car, passenger truck, or trailer.

Brake Repair Services

Be safe! Have your automotive brake system examined every year. It can be done when buying a new set of tires or anytime you bring your car in for maintenance work. By keeping your brakes in top condition, you can drive in any weather with confidence that your brakes will not fail.

Signs You Need Brake Service

Without regular maintenance your brakes could fail at any time. Knowing the tell-tale signs of brake problems can alert you to get service as soon as possible. It's worth noting that often, delaying a brake inspection can allow a relatively simple issue (such as worn pads) to escalate into the rivets in worn pads ruining your brake rotors.

Bring your car in for a free brake inspection if you notice any of the following signs of brake problems:

  • brake service indicator warning light comes on
  • high-pitched screeching noise when you apply your brakes
  • noticeable vibration feel in your brake pedal when braking
  • pedal requires going to almost the floor in order to stop
  • pulsing feeling of braking when gently applying brakes


Your Nearby Brake Shop

Why go anywhere else? The Elite Total Car Care in Brandon offers appointments, fast service, and quality workmanship. Save money - ask us if we can match a local competitor's coupon, special, or promo offer.

Schedule Brake Service

Call us at 813-689-7171 to schedule an appointment for a free brake inspection. If your vehicle needs brake service we can probably schedule the work while you're here.